Keiko Matsui Records New Album “Echo” at United Recording

Feb 27, 2019


Hollywood, CA, February 2019 — Acclaimed pianist, composer and humanitarian Keiko Matsui recorded her new album “Echo” at United Recording. The album, released in February, marks Matsui’s 28th recording as band leader, which she co-produced with Grammy-nominated producer Bud Harner. A master storyteller, Matsui crafts exquisite compositions replete with lush harmonies and global rhythms to create timeless musical anthems.

“I would like my music to be a conduit for peace, kindness, love and light. This album is my attempt to capture all of these elements within the vibration of sound,” shared Matsui. “My sole desire is to write songs that create a feeling of oneness. This music is a reflection of my thoughts and life and right now, I am drawing my road towards happiness and truly learning about what it means to be happy.”

Co-producer Harner added, “I love working at United Recording. We’ve done Keiko’s last two albums here. It’s a pleasure to have the advantage of classic gear, vintage mics, accommodating staff and a vibrant recording environment.”

The album showcases an all-star line-up of artists including: bassists Marcus Miller, Jimmy Jonhson and Kyle Eastwood; saxophonist Kirk Whalum; vocalist Gretchen Parlato; guitarists Robben Ford and Paul Jackson, Jr.; drummer Vinnie Colaiuta; percussionist Luis Conte; and Matsui’s accomplished touring band, Jimmy Branly, JP Mourão and Rico Belled.

Matsui took her first piano lesson at the age of five and made her U.S. recording debut in 1987 with the recording “A Drop of Water.” The album “Under Northern Lights” followed in 1989, and subsequent albums include “No Borders” (1990), “Night Waltz” (1991), “Cherry Blossom” (1992), “Doll” (1994), “Sapphire” (1995) and “Dream Walk” (1996), which remained on the Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz chart for over 15 months, further establishing her reputation as a leading composer and pianist.

“Echo” was released on February 22, 2019 on Shanchie Records.

To view Matsui at United Recording, please visit:

Pictured in United Recording’s renowned Studio A are (L-R) Keiko Matsui, recording artist, pianist, producer; Randy Waldman, arranger; Jimmy Johnson, bass; Steve Sykes, recording engineer; Bud Harner, producer, Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Scott Moore, United Recording engineer; Paul Jackson Jr., guitar; and Luis Conte, percussion. Article / Photo by David Goggin