Culture Wars Drops in at United Recording While on Tour

Apr 4, 2022


Hollywood, CA, March 2022 – Electro-Rock sensation Culture Wars took a break in their busy touring schedule to drop in at United Recording in Hollywood to track some tunes for their upcoming album. Under the tutelage of frontman Alex Dugan, the dynamic Texas band has a reputation for hard rock and exciting live shows, as well as a series of music films helmed by Dugan, who is a graduate of the film school at the University of Texas.

After their first sessions in Studio B at United Recording, Dugan commented: “This is definitely our new go-to studio. The vibe and history here is unmatched. The laid-back atmosphere and attentive staff make this place incredibly easy. We’re very excited to come back and finish up the rest of the record.”

While incorporating influences by such artists such as Depeche Mode and memorable Hip-Hop figures, Culture Wars has created a unique sound of their own, while striking visual elements are a key component in the success of the band. Dugan plays the primary role in blending the group’s music and look, which can be seen in the Super 8 footage in their music videos as they tour Las Vegas in debauchery.

Watch Culture Wars “Faith”

In The Austin Monthly, Dugan explained, “The main thing in any band is having a clear vision and communicating it 100 percent all the time, so that there’s no confusion of who you are and what you’re trying to do. It really ties everything together throughout all of our incarnations, whether it’s on the Internet or live or in some kind of visual vehicle, it all translates and helps solidify who we are.”

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Pictured (L-R) in United Studio B are Culture Wars’ drummer David Grayson, frontman Alex Dugan, engineer Gerardo Ordonez, United staff engineer Scott Moore, guitarist/electronics Dillon Randolph; and producer Caleb Contreras holding Pete. Photo by David Goggin.