Anne Bisson Records New Album “Keys To My Heart” at United Recording

Jul 15, 2019


Canadian jazz vocalist and pianist Anne Bisson recorded her new album “Keys To My Heart” at United Recording. In her sixth album, the charismatic former television personality explored engaging stories with expressive performances.

Bisson collaborated with recording engineer Michael C. Ross, assistant engineer Wesley M. Seidman and mastering and lacquer cutting professional, Bernie Grundman. Bisson and Ross previously worked on her successful direct-to-disc, “Four Seasons in Jazz” album.

At Ross’ suggestion, Bisson returned to Los Angeles to record “Keys To My Heart” at United Recording, where she was joined by drummer Joe LaBarbera and acoustic bassist Darek Oleszkiewicz.

“United Recording’s Studio B is my favorite room in the world,” said Ross. “The studio’s microphone selection is second to none, and includes Neumann M-50s, AKG C-12s, AKG C-12As, Telefunken 251s, Neumann U-67s and U-47s. The console is one of the few of its kind, a custom-built Neve 8068 with API 550a EQs on every channel.”
“Keys to My Heart” is comprised of 11 songs, including two cover classics: perennial standard “Killing Me Softly” and “For Me, Formidable,” a beloved song from legendary French composer/singer Charles Aznavour, which Bisson sings in both English and French. In addition, frequent collaborator and friend, Pierre Lenoir, helped to co-write nine songs on the album.

“Keys to My Heart” will be released at the Hong Kong HiFi Show in August on the UHQCD format, and in September in the U.S. on CD and 45 RPM One Step Double LP, distributed exclusively by Elusive Disc. The album will also be available on iTunes and other streaming music services. For additional information, please visit:

Pictured in United Recording’s Studio B are (L-R) Wesley Seidman, Michael C. Ross, Anne Bisson, Joe LaBarbera, and Darek Oleszkiewicz.
Photo by David Goggin