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Studio A

Completed by Bill Putnam in 1957, United Recording’s famous Studio A has produced some of history’s most notable and loved recordings. From Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Ray Charles to Eric Clapton, Josh Groban and Dave Matthews this studio has been home to many a legend.

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Notable Recordings 

Live Room

With its 23 ft. high ceilings, the beautiful and meticulously designed live room is capable of holding a 50 piece orchestra and features a large iso and separate vocal booth making it versatile enough for any type of recording session. 

Warm, open and incredibly sonically flattering, Studio A’s live room is so flexible it both perfectly captures the most delicately played acoustic instruments and naturally enhances the most grandiose symphonic orchestra. It’s no surprise that this is one of the most in-demand string rooms in town.

Studio A comes with an exceptional Steinway Model D 9’ concert grand piano. Commonly referred to as the “Motown Piano”, it was originally part of the inventory at the 1972 Motown Facility in Los Angeles where it remained until 2007 when we acquired it.

This is a one of a kind instrument – possibly the best sounding, most recordable piano of its kind in any studio. The room also comes with a Hammond B3 organ with Leslie cabinet upon availability.

Control Room

At the heart of Studio A’s spacious control room stands a custom 72 input Focusrite Console; one of only ten that were ever built. This famous console has been customized to further enhance its sound and capabilities and is augmented by a 10 input Neve BCM 10 with original 1073 mic-pre EQ’s. Studio A comes complete with access to our original Putnam-designed echo chambers.

Studio Specs 


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  • Control Room 25'w x 23'd x 10'h 
  • Live Room 45'w x 52'd x 23'h 
  • Isolation Room 1 20'w x 20'd x 23'h 
  • Isolation Room 2 13'w x 6'd x 8'h


  • Custom 72 input Focusrite - GML moving fader automation plus 10 additional stereo inputs
  • 10 input Neve BCM 10 (with original 1073 Mic Pre EQ's)

Digital Recording System: 

  • Pro Tools HDX2 system with UAD-2 Octo card, 48 Input / 72 Output, Includes Plug-ins

Mic Pre's and Equalizers: 

  • 6 API 550a EQ
  • 2 Avalon M2 Mic Pre
  • 2 Avalon M5 Mic Pre
  • 1 Avalon 737SP Mic Pre / EQ / Comp
  • 1 Avalon 2055 Stereo EQ
  • 1 GML 8200 Stereo EQ
  • 1 ITI ME-230 Stereo EQ
  • 4 Lang PEQ-2 EQ
  • 2 Manley VTL Tube Mic Pre
  • 2 Pultec EQP-1A3 Tube EQ

Compressors / Gates: 

  • 1 ADR Compex Limiter
  • 1 Alan Smart C2 Stereo Comp
  • 6 Allison Research KEPEX II Gate
  • 1 Alta Moda Unicomp Stereo Comp
  • 2 DBX 160 Comp
  • 2 DBX 165A Comp
  • 1 Drawmer DS201 Stereo Gate
  • 2 Electrodyne CA-700
  • 2 Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Comp
  • 1 Fairchild 670 Stereo Tube Comp
  • 2 Summit Audio TLA-100A Comp
  • 3 Teletronix LA-2A Tube Comp
  • 5 UREI 1176LN Comp



Reverb / Delays:  

  • 1 AMS DMX 15-80S Harmonizer / Digital Delay
  • 2 AMS RMX 16 Digital Reverb
  • 1 EMT 250 Digital Reverb
  • 1 Eventide H3000SE Harmonizer / Digital Effects
  • 1 Eventide SP 2016 Digital Reverb
  • 2 Lexicon PCM 42 Digital Delay
  • 1 Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb
  • 1 TC M6000 Digital Reverb


  • 1 Alesis Masterlink CDR 
  • 1 Apogee PSX-100 Converter 
  • 1 HHB Burn-It CDR 


  • Ocean Way Custom Tri-Amped Mains 
  • 1 Pair ATC SCM45 Pro near fields 
  • 1 Pair Genelec 1032A near fields 
  • 1 Pair JBL LSR308 near fields 
  • 1 Pair Yamaha NS-10M near fields 


  • 1 Steinway B 7' Grand Piano 
  • 1 Steinway D 9’ Grand Piano
  • 1 Hammond B3 organ w/ Leslie (upon availability) 

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