At United we are incredibly proud of our team. Their dedication, years of experience and talent are a huge part of United’s outstanding reputation. Meet the people who are here to make your job easy.

Studio Manager

Rob Goodchild

Rob Goodchild has been a part of the Los Angeles studio scene for almost 15 years. Starting as an intern at Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, Goodchild has held almost every studio position on his way to being Studio Manager at United Recording.

Under new ownership, Goodchild has overseen the rebranding of Ocean Way Recording back to its original name of United Recording and has worked with artists such as Brian Wilson, James Taylor, Beck, Radiohead and Alabama Shakes in his tenure.

Hailing from (near) Leeds, England, he made the move to Los Angeles in 2001 having been awarded a degree in Commercial Music Production and Business from the University of Manchester. Early on in his time in the U.S., while working as a runner at Ocean Way, he had some success as a musician, songwriter and session musician.

Assistant Studio Manager

Justin Fisher

While the state of Michigan is a beautiful place, the harsh winters year after year were enough to send Justin Fisher on a journey to follow his passion for music and satisfy his need for sunshine. His path first took him to the Conservatory School for Recording Arts in the polar opposite state of Arizona.  From there, he continued on to Los Angeles and began to work as a runner at Ocean Way Recording.  Surrounded by world renowned talent in artists, musicians, producers, and engineers, Justin also played in different bands of his own over the years. While his role in the bands changed from bass player to lead vocals and guitar to writing, producing, and singing on his own project, he stayed rooted in the studio, working his way up to Office Manager. A rebranding to the original name United Recording also brought with it a larger role as Assistant Studio Manager. Justin currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and their cat and dog. He still plays music whenever he can, with his favorite audience by far being his baby daughter. 

Night Manager

Victor Janacua

Victor began working at Ocean Way Recording in 1989. In 1992 he started working for producer Bill Bottrell on Sheryl Crow's "Tuesday Night Music Club" after which he returned to Ocean Way to work on various records. The following year he was offered a job as assistant engineer for famed producer, Scott Litt. During his time with Scott he worked with such artists as REM, Nirvana, Liz Phair, Incubus, The Jayhawks and many more. In 2002 he became Operations Manager at Record One Studios in Sherman Oaks, a world-renowned studio which, for several years was home to Michael Jackson and Dr. Dre. Vic returned to Ocean Way in 2013, shortly after which the studio rebranded to United Recording.

Victor has also been a well-known DJ (DJ DIABLO) on the LA/Hollywood scene for the past 20 years.  

Chief Technician

Mike Guerra

Mike started his audio engineering career in 1975 at Studio Center Sound Recordings, a film, television and music production facility in Miami, FL. This led to editing several successful 45 single releases, one yielding his first gold record in 1976.

In 1977, Mike joined the engineering team at Criteria Studios and continued on in the early ‘80’s as an independent engineer working in Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis and Atlanta. He relocated to Jensen Beach, Fl in the mid ‘80’s to begin studies in Electrical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology, later moving to the Northeast to complete a B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Technology at U. Mass. in 1989.

He made the transition to full-time electronic maintenance engineer for the recording studios, edit suites and mastering rooms in the Capitol Records Tower that same year. In the later ‘90’s, he held positions at The Village and Conway Recording Studios before arriving at Ocean Way Recording in 2000. Mike has been with the firm through the transition to United Recording in 2014 and now serves as Technical Operations Manager.

Staff Engineer

Wesley Seidman

Wesley began his professional career at Conway Studios after Graduating Sound Master Recording School. Starting as runner, he soon advanced to become a highly requested assistant engineer. Nathaniel Kunkel, a client Wesley frequently worked with at Conway, recognized Wesley’s talents and gave him the opportunity to work with and learn from him on various projects with high profile clients. Wesley continued his career by becoming a staff engineer at Ocean Way Recording, now known as United Recording. Here Wesley, has been able to work with the industry’s top engineers, producers and artists.


Staff Engineer

Scott Moore

Scott Moore was born and raised In Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He grew up playing piano, guitar, and saxophone.  His appreciation for music led him to the recording industry.  He's worked in the industry for 13 years and had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects such as Puddle of Mud, Faith Hill, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Carly Rae Jepsen, Johnny Mathis, The Simpsons, Lost, The Muppets Movie, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

He studied at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix AZ, and interned at Signet Soundelux Studios.  Before coming to United Recording, he worked as an assistant engineer at O'Henry Sound Studios in Burbank.



Monique Evelyn (or "Micky" as she is affectionately known at the studio) grew up loving music more than anything else. She credits her father with this, who was not only a musician but had many of the Classic Rock era bands to thank for helping him to learn English. Watching a documentary on the making of The Dark Side of the Moon with her father, Micky was introduced to the magic of making records and was completely captivated. The moment the documentary was over she immediately began looking up schools that offered programs in audio engineering. Within two weeks she was at Citrus College in Azusa, CA trying to fight her way into the prerequisite courses for their Recording Technology program. With persistence she was successful and, after finishing school, ran live sound in a venue scene that ranged from Jazz and Blues to Punk Rock. In May 2013, following an internship at Conway Studios, Micky was invited to be a part of the crew at United Recording. Six years after watching that documentary she still feels that same intrigue and excitement every time she learns more about the audio engineering profession. She looks forward to waking up to that enthusiasm for the craft every day and constantly reliving that epiphanic moment.


Mitch Roberts

Mitch, studied music at the University of Wisconsin and Musicians Institute GIT, and has made a living playing guitar in bands, teaching and recording music for friends and bandmates. Before working at United Recording, mitch was employed at Conway Recording. His interest in engineering was inspired by the fact that he always wanted to be able to record himself playing, and has always had a recording rig in one form or another since he was capable of tying his own shoes. Mitch is interested in how Engineering mixes Science and Art and would ultimately like to be involved in the Engineering process as well as writing and tracking. 


Johnny Morgan

Johnny Morgan is an aspiring engineer and producer from Southern California. In 2015 he graduated from Full Sail University with honors. During school, he interned and assisted for Ocean Way veteran Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording. Following his graduation from Full Sail, Johnny was offered a runner position at United Recording. When he's not in the studio, he's scratching records or doing yoga.


Kyle Kelson

Kyle Kelson graduated from The New England School of Communications in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering and Live Sound Technology. With aspirations of becoming a mixing engineer, he sought a position at United Recording. He became a runner here in 2015. 

Outside of United Recording, Kyle is studio engineer for Latin percussionist, Robert Conti and is also live engineer for Latin artist, José Feliciano. Outside of the industry, Kyle was born and raised in a small hill town in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. There he served on the Becket Fire Department, loved to ski and was a lifeguard for many years. As far as hobbies here in LA, he loves biking and playing video games. 

Office Administrator

Francesca J. Gailes

Francesca is a New York native, Hampton University graduate, and co-founder of the Los Angeles based Authoriz Entertainment, LLC. Francesca is far from a neophyte to the entertainment world, having grown up in a family with actors, artists, and a well-known radio host and DJ for a father. Francesca practically grew up in the studios watching her father spin records and work the boards, but it was his passion for the stage and her mother’s artistic inclinations that ultimately spoke to her. 

Francesca is an accomplished and award winning writer and producer with several theatrical credits to her name. She loves to read and write and enjoys swimming and biking, though she never has time for the latter anymore. Hers is the first face you’ll see when you step through the doors at United Recording during daylight hours. Outside of that she’ll probably be hunched over a computer, in meetings, on conference calls, or passed out over her laptop.